“Basanta” (or Vasanta in Hindi) is originally a Sanskrit word which means “spring”; also means “a new beginning”. In North and Eastern India culture, Vasanta related to a festival marks the end of the winter and heralds in spring, dedicated for Sarasvati goddess. Thus, on this special day people pray for Sarasvati goddess to remove the darkness (ignorance) of the mind and bless with the eternal knowledge.

Basanta Agro Organic is a center of education and recreation. It is also an agricultural landscape dedicated to preserve organic gardens looking at plants & animals in all their functions in order to produce best quality products. Vegan and wellness approach following the whole concept scene on service and products string along with Balinese tradition, culture and nature.

Our mission is to share our knowledge about agricultural practice packed in a fun yet restorative way that finally allows your mind restore the goodness of life and spring the fruitful wellness for a new beginning!

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