Gardens Tour


Entering Basanta Agro Organic, we are welcomed with golden-green rice field as it is close to harvesting time. Walk along small river stone carpet, approaching the main gate the coffee plants

looking out from the inside gardens. Teasing and calling us, wanting to show off a colorful, bright and fresh organic gardens around.

The Organic Gardens tour starts with walk around a small path along an exuberant coffee plantation. First stop at The Kitchen Attraction, participants witness a coffee roasting process in a traditional way. A fireplace made of clay, using dried woods to set fire. The beans are roasted on an aluminum pan and then rested on a bamboo tray before the grinding process. Second stop at the Nursery Shelf Area, participants converge with the sprouts of the seeds and visit new born bine of the plants. And then walk through the Cultivation Area of the garden to spot the growing trees, fruits and veggies. You are allowed only to pick the ripe fruits in the garden!

The tour ends with a sweet welcome at the Serving Area in the Restaurant where participants may enjoy the scenery, smell the aroma of wet soil and looking out to a never ending lines of trees.

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