Raw vegan food options blend perfectly with organic coffee and tea products. Our food choices in the menu in tune with four basic philosophy of Basanta concept, which called Amerta (blessing), Ananta (Endless), Amala (Pure) and Avinash (Indestructible). All of our dishes are created with blessed ingredients from the land of gods, create and well-conceptualized within an endless ideation, made by only pure essence of the ingredients and only bring goodness to whoever consume it!

We serve raw vegan selections on the appetizers and main course, with the combination of Traditional Balinese sweets for desserts. Drinks are vary from healthy juices, coffee, teas, herbal and Traditional Jamu. A set of Coffee Tasting Tray is available where you can experience 7 different kinds of local coffee and tea, such as Arabica, Robusta, Vanilla Coffee, Ginger Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Coconut Coffee and Rosella Tea, tasting tray can be improved based on barista’s best recommendation.

Our outdoor restaurant is separated in to three kinds of dining areas. The Lounge suits for 48 pax, 6 Gazebos suit for 60 pax and a Jineng adjacent to the rice field is perfect for private assembly of 4 pax. All areas are decorated with tables and chairs, set beautifully within the freshness of the weather.

All dishes are created with fresh ingredients from local farmers or harvested from the gardens. This way we maintain the quality of our dishes. With mainly natural method, control farming and good soil we endorse the nutrition while empowering the original taste for each of the ingredients.

A rustic traditional Balinese country side ambiance with soil-based floor, wooden tables and chairs, bamboo pillars and straw roofs suit to the environment of greens bamboo forest, cliffs, and beautiful landscape as far as eyes can see make the restaurant become one of the coziest place to hang-out on your relaxing days.

Vegan Gelato

Taste the sweetness of almond milk on our creamy gelato ice cream! Currently our gelato is served in four flavors choice: Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon and Strawberry (with more flavor choices may be added in the future). On a glass jar you can enjoy our Gelato Fusion with tropical fruits.

Our lands are wealth with base ingredients, serving up nutritious dishes best for health!

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